Under Construction . . .

Construction Site!

Construction Site!

I know I rushed into blogging with very little thought into what my site would contain, and subsequently haven’t posted anything since the initial plunge, but I’ve been thinking. I’m a planner and researcher and a stick-my-toe-in-to-check-the-water-first kind of girl, so now that I’ve done all that, let’s get started.

My plan is to post at least once a week, hopefully twice a week and go from there. I have a feeling my obsessive personality will take over and I’ll be posting multiple times a week, but let’s remember I still have a novel to finish! Being a relative newbie, I’ll post on my journey as a writer and hopefully give other newbies some insight into what to do (and not to do). I’ll also post my own thoughts and ideas about turning blood into ink, and hopefully you won’t disagree too much. 🙂 My book review section will reflect my current reading (and writing) interests: YA Books, though a few others may sneak in there from time to time. The Obligatory Mommy Blog won’t take up too much space, but my five kids give me ample fodder for the writing grist mill. And I’ll probably make a comment or two on my own life, social topics and the occasional headline. Hopefully I’ll get some comments, start a few conversations, share my limited knowledge and learn something myself. I am so looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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