Quick Update – What to watch for . . .

Alright, so I have no intention of doing a weekly newsletter, or constantly posting “What to watch for”, but I will occasionally let my readers now what’s up. This is designed to:

A.) Keep you all coming back for more, hopefully, maybe . . .
B.) Force me to actually write the posts I promise. Funny how I work that way. 🙂

So here’s a quick list of “What to watch for”:

I’ve been invited to join the Writing Process Blog Hop and that’ll be the next post. It’s written, I just have to finalize who I’d like to tag.

Book review for Independent Study and The Testing Guide by Joelle Charbonneau

Move review for Warm Bodies

I know this isn’t a party planning blog, and I won’t inundate you with stuff like that, but Minion #3 did just have a pretty awesome Ninja Training Birthday Party, so I’ll be sharing the highlights. Eventually, I’ll do a post on Minion #1’s graduation party from a year ago, but like I said, I won’t bore everyone with that too close together.

I’ve been following the TCWT Blog Chain: What Books Would You Like to See Published. It has been amazing not only reading what actual teens are interested in reading (YA authors take note!) but also getting to know these teens too. Many of them, maybe all of them, write beyond their blogs. I mean, they have a blog, they go to school, they write fiction. Talk about over achievers! And I’m so fascinated with all of them and their publishing wants that I’ve decided to craft a post that compiles their lists into something comprehensive, and I’ll be adding the desires of other writers who have posted on the Absolute Write forums under the What would you like to see more/less of in YA? thread. Whew! That one might take awhile, but I’m really looking forward to writing it!

Last thing on the list, for now, is a post on diversity in literature. My take will be “We need diversity in books, but not just for the sake of diversity”. Don’t criticize that yet until you’ve read my thoughts! 🙂

Hope everyone pops back in for a look at my posts when I get them finished. Now I need to get back to revising my novel!

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