Ninja Training Birthday Party


For Minion #3’s 6th birthday, he asked for a Ninja Party, so my hubby and I came up with this great idea to create a Ninja Training Birthday Party! For all the paperware I ordered through Birthday Express. Plates, cups, invitations, thank yous, favor boxes, favors, balloons. Pretty much most of it came from here.

ninja party ware

For the favor boxes we filled Chinese take out boxes with toys, candy and stickers. (Didn’t get a pic. I wasn’t in charge of the camera and the cameraman didn’t know what I wanted!)


Before the party I made Ninja headbands for all the kids. I used a simple white cotton fabric I purchased from Walmart. It was pretty cheap. Maybe $2 a yard. I bought way more than I needed because the blog post I consulted said to make the headbands 4″ wide. I ended up making them 2″ wide which was plenty for their little heads. They were 36″ long (the width of the fabric) and I ironed on a heat fusing backing that was about $2 a yard as well. It keeps the edges of the cotton fabric from fraying. I did this before cutting into 2″ strips.

Once I had the strips, I downloaded a creative font to make Japenese-looking letters called Japonesa from Da For those of you, like me, who don’t know how to add a font to your existing word processing program, here’s the link I used for OpenOffice. It might help you as well. Once this was done, I made a document with all the kids names using the cool new font and setting the font size to 100. After printing, I had a great stencil to put the names on the bands.


Using a Sharpie Fabric pen, I outlined and colored in all the names. All 24. And only 13 or so came, but hey, I wasn’t going to have any disappointed kiddos. I even made them for some little sisters I thought might show up!


And here’s the final product! They must have liked them, because they kept them on the whole party!


We also used the Japonesa font to make huge numbers on red paper for the Ninja obstacle course we set up. They were a little hard to read, but they helped set the scene!

As for decorations, I tied red, white, and black streamers to the tree in the front yard and pretty much everything else I could find. Once again, didn’t get a great pic, but it was really cool seeing all those streamers blowing in the wind. We also had Ninja balloons I purchased from Amazon, and they come in to play later with the obstacle course as well.

The main attraction for the party (besides my adorable son) was the Ninja Training Obstacle Course. We started at the rock climbing wall on the play fort, worked down the curly slide, back up a ladder and down another slide.



Then we proceeded to the backyard where we had some games set up.


The kids had to toss a volleyball into a large flower pot, throw Ninja discs at a velcro board, throw mini frisbees into a frisbee golf target and knock ping pong balls off toilet paper tubes with paper ninja throwing stars.


We painted toilet paper and paper towel tubes red, then hot glued them to a board so they wouldn’t fall over. My hubby made the throwing stars, calling on sixth grade memories to do it. The directions I found online were far more difficult than how he did it, but I’m still mystified.

This is the ninja velcro board I bought on Amazon.

Here’s where those ninja balloons came into play. Attached to weights, the kids had to punch their way through to the next Ninja Test. Hint: the black ones will pop in the hot sun!


My hubby set the Training Course up, but the jewel of his obstacle course was the Laser Challenge. First, he attached pool noodles to rope and strung them from the ceiling of our big, white tent. Then he used red yarn to create a “laser” maze that the kids had to climb through. It was by far the favorite obstacle and the kids came back to it again and again after everyone had their full turn.

IMG_4031 IMG_4023 IMG_4039

That last one is Minion #3 pretending his arm was lasered-off after touching the “red hot” strings!

When they’d had their fill of Ninja Training, we at finger foods, most of which the little ninjas were too busy to eat. Then we moved onto cake and ice cream, which of course they all had room for.


Making cakes for my kids is sort of a hobby of mine. I love it! They’re getting better every year. This is a white cake with two layers for the bottom and two for the top. I made my own white frosting, which I’ve only done one other time. It turned okay the first time, but it was amazing this time! I followed a recipe, but made a few changes for my own taste. Even my sister asked where I got the frosting, since she knew I made the cake. She thought I got it straight from a bakery!

Frosting Recipe:

1 cup butter

1 cup shortening

1 1/2 tsp CLEAR vanilla (if you want white frosting)

1/8 tsp almond extract

2 lbs confectioners sugar

5-7 tbsp half-n-half

Cream butter, shortening, vanilla and almond extract together. Will be very thick. I’d recommend leaving butter out for a little bit to soften. I used my hand mixer, but I’m going to have to get something more heavy duty if I’m going to make frosting on a regular basis.

Slowly add confectioners sugar a little at a time until sugar is blended in.

Add half-n-half one tbsp at a time until you reach the right consistency for your project. Since I didn’t plan on any decorations and I wanted to frost the cake smooth, I ended up using all 7 tbsp. If you’re going to make flowers and things out of frosting you’ll need the frosting to be stiffer.

For the red stripes, red circle and black dragon, I used Wilton’s colored sugar sheets.

I free-handed the stripes and I used a bowl to get the circle. You can cut easily with scissors or an exacto craft knife. (Not a box cutter!) For the dragon, I photo copied one of the napkins, shrinking it to the right size. Cut it out of the paper, then used the paper as a stencil to cut out of the sugar sheet with an exacto knife. The sugar sheets adhere to the frosting pretty well, but I had to very lightly wet the back of the dragon with a paint brush to get it to stick to the other sugar sheet. Also, the red stripes broke at the 90-degree bend by the the time of the party, so they don’t bend the greatest. Plus, you shouldn’t refrigerate or cover the cake before the party because the sugar sheets will absorb moisture from the frosting and get gooey if you do.

Oh, and here are the “bomb” candles we used. We used them for the super hero cake I did last year too!


So that’s about it. If you’re interested in more Ninja party ideas, check out my Pinterest Board: Ninja Party

I have to add these cute pics of Minions #4 & 5 thinking they’re big boys and eating ice cream at the picnic table!

IMG_4088 IMG_4087


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