The Obligatory Mommy Blog: Why Kate is a real mom . . .

Watching CNN this morning, they ran a short story about Prince George’s first year. Now I know Kate has plenty of help. Nanny’s and all, but let me tell you what she did right before this picture was snapped. She wiped the drool from George’s chin and wiped it on her dress. A dress that probably cost more than all the dresses I own. But who cares. They’re just clothes. She did what so many of us have done and didn’t think twice about it. Food, drool, snot, spit up. Yeah it’s gross, but hey, we’ve all done it. Come on, admit it! I guess my point is in all the hullabaloo over a prince and a duke and a duchess and a legacy, they’re still just a baby, a dad, a mom and a life to be lived. Congratulations George on your first year. Happy birthday and prayers for many more!


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