Back home . . .

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So I’m home. When I left, Minion #3 was watching The Empire Strikes Back. When I returned, the credits were rolling. A whole Star Wars movie full of peace and quiet (and writing time) gone. Ironic that Darth Vadar’s theme was playing over the credits when I walked in.

And for what? Minion #5 has a scrape on the leg. Not even a big one. A scrape so minor Hubby either didn’t notice, or it didn’t show up at bath last night. Doc says what we are seeing is the thinnest of scabs forming over the thinnest of scrapes known to mankind. Grrrrrr!

But, I’m not that angry. Yes, frustrated, but when it comes to your kids you can’t be too careful. If Hubby had seen the scrape before, or had they not been playing in muddy worm-infested water last night, I might not have worried about it. Oh well. At least I can get back to work. Just as soon as I can get the anguished screams of my traumatized toddlers out of my mind. They don’t like it when their schedule is thrown off. And seeing Mommy come back and forth to daycare definitely throws that off. *exhale* All right. Let’s get to work. That book won’t edit itself.


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