Stay-at-home Mom/Writer: Worlds Collide!

landon rainday
According to my Kindle I am 54% done with editing my manuscript. This is the final edit. Well, final until I query, hopefully get requests, and am asked to make changes, but for me, it’s final! Today is also daycare day. For those of you who don’t know, that means twins are at daycare, Mommy writes. And I know I can finish that last 46% if I really stick to it. I am so psyched. I am ready. I am the Michael Phelps of writing, the LeBron James of concentration, the Tiger Woods of self-control. Oh, wait, Tiger has no self-control. Scratch that last one. But I am ready!

Diaper bag is packed. Bottles filled. Minion #4 is dressed and ready. Now it’s Minion #5’s turn. But wait. What’s this on his leg? A strange, brownish/reddish rash. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it wasn’t there last night when Hubby gave them a bath. Crap!

Last night Hubby took Minions #3-5 outside to play in the rain. One of the puddles was waist deep in places. They had a great time, splashing, riding bikes, rainboots flooded and hanging out with the neighbor kids. After that and the mysterious appearing rash, I didn’t even hesitate to call the doctor. Now I’m off to check it out. Writing day is gone, but that’s where worlds collide. Being a mommy comes first. Always! *sigh* Maybe I can get a little editing done this afternoon, but most importantly, hopefully this rash is nothing big and I’m overreacting!


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