Even Agents Make Mistakes . . .

Water abstractI nearly had a heart attack yesterday. Okay, so that’s a little melodramatic, but still, you might see why in a second.

Opening up my email in the morning, I spied one down the list that was possibly from an agent. As a way to ignore potential rejections and calm the inevitable hopes for a request, I answered each email in turn, forcing myself to wait before I could get to this potential let down or joy bringer.

As it turned out, it was a joy bringer. Full request! That was my second in four days. I must be doing something right. It was really going to happen for me. If not these two potential agents, then someone else down the line. This interest couldn’t be a fluke. I was on the right track.

I was halfway through a text to Hubby expressing my excitement and optimism when another email popped up in my Inbox. From the same agent. Somehow I knew this couldn’t be good news.

Basically, he was just back from vacation, swamped with emails, and inadvertently sent me a request for a full, when really he was form rejecting me. It was a nice, polite email, but it sucked nonetheless. Uggh!

The funny thing is, when I received my other requests, I sat staring at my Inbox, making sure it wasn’t a mistake. Waiting for that email that said, “Oops! Sorry about that! JK!” But they never came. And I told myself I was being silly and ridiculous thinking that might happen. Umm, yeah, not so silly I guess. 🙂

Anyway, I’m not even angry at the agent, because we really do all make mistakes. Of course, his mistake caused waves of unmitigated happiness, only to crash with devastating pain, but hey, that’s all right. Agents are human too, and this just goes to prove it. So don’t be too angry at an agent for a form rejection or a mistake in correspondence or how long it takes for them to get back to you. They are busy people. Busy real people. And we all have an off day.

Does anyone else have an odd agent story to tell? Mistakes? Miscommunication? Especially if it’s funny and you can laugh about it now!


7 thoughts on “Even Agents Make Mistakes . . .

  1. That would suck! But you obviously handle it well, I can only hope that if I ever get to this stage I do it as well as you. And one full request already is awesome, I hope someone snags it soon because I really want to read it!


    • Yeah, I was feeling pretty good that I at least had a full out on submission . . . until I got a very nice rejection email today. She said “there is much to love about your intense writing style and fascinating concept” but no thanks. Oh, well. On to the next one.


      • I may do that if traditional publishing doesn’t pan out. I’d really like to take the standard way of reaching an audience, but I’m not opposed to going my own route either. I’ve only been querying for a few weeks at this point, so far from ready to give up. Many authors take years before they get their break. And I’m starting a new project, at least the research, so onward and upward!


      • Exciting! I’m finally starting to realize how long of a road this whole writing thing is – I don’t mind though I kind of like the idea that I’ll always have something to work on.

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  2. I don’t have any amusing agent stories. I received rejections that were all very cordial, if I received them at all. Honestly, it angered me more when I never heard back from agents. I get that they’re busy, but even sending a simple form letter is common courtesy to my mind. All that takes is a few clicks of a button.

    I did have a request for a full manuscript, which was amazingly exciting. Although the agent eventually rejected it, she was super sweet about it and said she still thought my concept and idea was amazing, but that she didn’t fall in love with the manuscript.

    To me, that means I had to head back to my manuscript for a little (read: big) re-write. The concept is good. Her word was “fabulous.” Therefore, I know this book will eventually be published.

    Good luck with all your submissions! I can’t wait to hear the news when you get an agent!


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