Rejection Spike

I understand now, why some authors use a rejection spike. In case you’ve never heard of this, it’s a spike or a nail or something you use to “display” all those rejections you receive. I used to think I wouldn’t want to see that solid, tangible reminder of my failure to attract an agent. I felt the growing pile would only make me feel miserable and make what I’m doing seem futile and pointless. Now I know better.

You know what makes you feel like you’re shouting into the void of oblivion with nothing, not even your own echo, as evidence you’re alive and there and trying? Utter silence. The crickets chirping in the Inbox is a dreadful and eerie sound, er absence of sound. It is truly the worst thing an author can face. Give me a hundred letters that say “this just isn’t right for me” over the blankness of an empty Inbox.

It’s not that I’m disheartened by my inability to acquire an agent in four weeks. (Okay, maybe a tiny bit.) This process is often long, hard and full of lessons. I’m only just beginning. There’s been a few requests, some form rejections, and even a few personalized with nice things to say about my writing. This is far from over, but those unanswered queries ring with the sound of silence, even when the Inbox is closed to my ever searching eyes.

So I may get a spike. Or a nail or something hard and pointy (but kept well away from children!) I may print off those e-form-rejections and the couple of personalized I’ve received, and just impale them for posterity. I don’t know if it will make me feel better, but it has to be far more satisfying than just crossing someone off the spreadsheet. And at least it will feel like I’m doing something!

**Note: Advice from a fellow author on Absolute Write on dealing with rejections: Write more f@#&ing queries. The regular kind won’t do. It has to be f@#&ing queries! It made me smile. 🙂

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