Motivational Monday: Otter Video

Wanted to share this motivational video by Otter and his friends to inspire Otter Keeper that, yes, they could win the Goodreads Reader’s Choice Awards. I haven’t heard if they made it to the final rounds, but hey, this video is so adorable I just had to share!

The thing is, I’ve heard this speech by Arnold before. It’s one of my favorites and something I live by. Every minute of every day is carefully weighed and balanced for usefulness. It doesn’t mean I don’t take time for myself or waste time in silly ways. Those are all ways to keep you on the path you’ve chosen, if done in moderation. But much of my “down time” is tweeting, reading blogs, surfing Pinterest, reading articles on writing and reading, reading, reading to learn and just plain enjoy myself. My writing time is sacred and I won’t let much interfere with that. I’ve made a conscious effort to be the one working hard at my goals, and not the one surpassed by the others who didn’t rest.

And if Otter makes it into the final rounds, be sure to vote for him!

**I checked this morning and looks like I Am Otter didn’t make it. Still, what an adorable video, and an adorable picture book!


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