So I reached 200 followers last night. I say that in a voice tinged with surprise. I mean, I knew I was close, but I didn’t expect to wake up having reached that total. 200, I know, not such a big deal to many of you, but hey, they’re my 200, so . . .

I’m not going to be one of those bloggers that says, “Oh, I don’t care about numbers. I just blog for myself.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If you blog for yourself and it fills what you need, then I’m happy for you. But I’ll be honest, I’m in it for the followers. I started blogging to build a web presence that will hopefully come in handy when I’m a wildly successful published author. Right? At the very least, I hope it shows prospective agents that I am very serious about my career.

And as for the followers, the more the merrier, of course, but to get large numbers of followers, you not only have to have great content, you have to put forth a lot of effort to entice said followers. I’ll admit, I haven’t done a lot of that. Because to be honest, I think my time is better spent writing books. Without a product, my brand won’t sell.

So what is the point if my ever-rambling post? I thank all of you for following me. Even if you only followed me to get followers. I may, or may not follow back. I can’t keep up with the blogs I do follow, and I need to weed out the pack, but that takes time. Which I guess is the point of this post. Everything takes time. Reading books, blogging about books, blogging about writing, writing, researching, reading the blogs of others, commenting, and that doesn’t even include Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The trick is finding what things are most important to you. For me, that’s writing. Building my “brand” comes in second.

Those 200 followers I mentioned above? Yeah, they’re important to me. Important because they chose to follow a little blog, for whatever their reasons. Those who comment and like my posts and share a deep interest in reading and writing with me through this electronic connection, you are ever in my mind and heart and I appreciate ever second of our virtual friendship. Thank you.

On a side note, I feel a giveaway coming on. Details coming in the future . . .


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