8 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Writing Career!

Image found on youhomedecor.com

Image found on youhomedecor.com

Of all the social media sites that can help your writing career, I’m not going to say Pinterest is the best. Many agents, writers, and publishers (and marketing experts) swear by Twitter. Blogs are an exceptional way to display meaningful content. Facebook, well, I don’t think too much of Facebook for a writing career, but some people do use it, so I have a page that I mostly advertise my blog posts on. But Pinterest, well I kind of think it’s the most fun. And it’s very useful too! Here are 8 ways you can use Pinterest to further your career:

1. Connect with readers. Fangirls (and boys) love Pinterest. I actually think you’ll find more on Tumblr, but they’re on Pinterest too. They pin memes, quotes, headcannons, products pertaining to their favorite books and much more. I’m actually a bit of a Fanwoman myself and I have boards for Harry Potter, Lunar Chronicles, LOTR, Divergent, Avengers, Star Wars, Hunger Games and more. It helps me to see what my reading base is like. Or at least what they like. One thing I’ve figured out: they love to be devastated! Break their hearts and they’ll love/hate you for it. Love/hate is far more powerful than plain hate or plain love. Trust me. They want you to make them bleed, metaphorically speaking. Plus, pinning all these fan related pins is kind of fun.

Real . . . or not real? my Hunger Games fan board.
pinterest real or not real

2. Another way to connect with readers is through boards for book types. I split mine into YA, MG, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers, Westerns and a few others. I pin books I come across on their corresponding boards, but I seek out YA books the most. The analytics tool has shown me that my most popular YA book pin of late has been The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu. I haven’t even heard any buzz about this book on other social media, but it seems to be popular on Pinterest. With my YA book board, I’ll be able to reach readers who want YA books, and if they pin it, they spread it to their followers, and so on. And another benefit is keeping track of all those books you want to read yourself!

YA Books my YA book board.
pinterest ya books

3. One of my personal favorites is my writing board. Here I pin articles, blog posts and memes all pertaining to writing. It is a great way to connect with other writers in a helpful way, promote the posts of my fellow writers, and learn a lot for myself. If I want to re-read a post from months ago, but I can’t remember where I saw it, I can usually return to this board. It may take a few minutes to find (I have hundreds of pins) but it’s better than scratching my head and trying to remember the name of the post or the blog where I saw it. I also have a marketing board, which I pin to, but don’t read a lot. I like to think of it as my board for when I need it. Someday, whether through traditional publishing or self, I’ll need to get involved in marketing, so this board is preparation for that.

The Business of Writing my writing board.
pinterest the business of writing

4. Community boards are another way to connect with potential readers as well as other writers. Some pinners will start boards and invite others to pin to these as well. In this way, you get a broader audience. I have access to boards with thousands of followers. I can reach other writers with my blog posts, readers with my book reviews, and someday hopefully readers with my own books. Until then it’s a great way to promote myself.

Writing Motivation a community writers board I belong to.
pinterest writing motivation

5. Some of my boards just allow me to share my love of reading with others who feel the same way. I have a board for book humor, one for book reviews, another that shows beautiful pictures of books or places to read, and one that promotes the love of reading. Once again, this is more for the fun aspect, but every new contact I make in anyway is another potential sale, you know, when I have something to sell.

Little Piece of Heaven . . . my board of pictures of books and reading nooks.
pinterest little piece of heaven

6. Pinterest can also be a way to show your personality and human side to potential readers. I have boards for my favorite books and authors, the people I crush on (in a more intellectual way), I promote girl power through another board, and also have one that shows books that have changed my life. Letting people see the inside of your heart and mind is just something I do because I like to, but it’s a marketing tool as well.

ME my board that is just, all about me!
pinterest me

7. Pinterest also allows me another avenue to advertise my blog posts. I have a board dedicated to only my blog posts, but I can also pin to all those community boards I talked about before. That’s thousands of people (I calculated 50,000 at one time, but that’s an estimate) are seeing my blog pins, and I do receive repins from those. Not as many as I would like, but my exposure is growing.

My Blog Posts which is, um, self-explanatory.
pinterest my blog post

8. The last reason I’ll share why I love Pinterest for my writing career is for the opportunity to create boards pertaining to my books. For my current WIP I have an inspiration board, a research board and a playlist board. It not only allows me to share a little and create interest for what I’m writing, but most importantly, organizes ideas for my book in concise places. It has been invaluable for the creation of my current work, and I used it for my last novel too.

Sci-fi LOTM – Inspiration my board for inspiring images for my current WIP.
pinterest sci-fi lotm inspiration

So that’s it. Will Pinterest catapult you to fame and riches? No. But it is another tool in the arsenal you need for the uphill battle that is publishing. You can learn, you can promote and you can organize. But you can also just have fun!


3 thoughts on “8 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Writing Career!

  1. Pinterest is a brilliant thing to use when writing! A lot of us used it when we were doing our NaNoWriMo’s last year. Also, Sarah Maas is constantly on there and has different boards for different stories and novels she has going on and it’s a great way for fans of her to be like ‘a new board?! with a title?! What will this book be about?!’ and such ^_^

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