Motivational Monday: Plant those seeds . . .

Robert Louis Stevenson Quote


This one feels especially true for writers. Our toil is like an iceberg. readers see the finished product, but that’s just a small portion of all we do on a daily basis to reach the dream of publication. It can feel like spinning our wheels, but we must keep our eye on the eventual outcome, not what we have to show for it at this very minute.

Motivational Monday: Same Love

Holy crap! Every musical post this month has been inspired by Neville Girl this month! Check her out on Musings of Neville’s Navel. Here’s the next one. It’s a cover of Mackelmore’s Same Love performed by Angel Haze. Warning: a few swear words, but so powerful and so true. Please listen. Please. Please!

My WIP Playlist

My WIP PLaylist

I think it’s fairly common for writers to use music in various ways to inspire their writing. Some listen to music while writing, to get those emotional and creative juices flowing. Personally, I can’t do that. In fact my playlist is going right now and it’s making it difficult for me to write this post. Excuse me for a second . . .

Okay, that’s better. The music gets in the way of my words and I just can’t think straight, even when it’s simply instrumental. I feel like something is pressing down on my brain and all my thoughts escape me. But when I’m thinking about writing, that’s a different story. Driving long distances, going for a long walk, taking a bath, or even just sitting in my recliner and “vegging out”, having appropriate music to evoke the thoughts and emotions I want to create in my novel is very inspiring. it’s like watching a movie in your head, the one you’re creating, and adding the soundtrack.

So I thought I’d share a portion of my current WIP playlist for my The Last of the Mohicans re-telling. I have 71 songs on this list, so I won’t inflict all of them on you, but enough for you to hopefully experience what I want my book to feel like when it’s done. Most of these are relating to specific scenes or characters, though there’s a whole list that just puts me in the right mood to develop my story. So, here goes:

This one is how I want this new world to feel to the reader:

Sorry about the talk over at first, (try to skip the first 30-40 seconds if you can) but this song inspires me for Uncas and Kora:

Okay, so this video is a little bit creepy, but then so is my character, Magua. This song is for his obsession with Kora:

This video has nothing to do with my novel, but the song feels like Magua, so here it is:

This is for the final fight scene when my characters are escaping for their lives. If you’re familiar with the 1992 movie The Last of the Mohicans, you’ll see that many of the soundtrack songs line up with my own book. They just worked so great in combination with some of these other songs:

This one’s for Kael and Hawkeye:

This could be for a lot of scenes with Magua, but especially when he finally catches up to Kora, Kael and Alyss in the cave:

This is for a scene I haven’t written yet. I didn’t think about on the first draft, but I think I’ll add. Kora and Uncas listen to the people of the dome try to forget their impending dome through music:

This one is for Uncas and the others searching for Kora and her siblings. Doesn’t match the video, because the story was changed for the movie, but the song works:

And last but not least, Kora chooses her own path:

So what about you? Do you use music as inspiration? Do you listen when you’re writing, or just when you’re thinking about the story? And do you create a specific playlist, or just whatever comes on? Let me know in the comments!

Motivational Monday: Here Comes the Sun

Here’s another one inspired by my blogging buddy Neville Girl over at Musings of Neville’s Navel. She posted a Beatles version on her blog, which reminded me how much I adore this song! So I went searching for the perfect Youtube video. Then I came across this. A flashmob. Here Comes the Sun. In an unemployment office. Maybe one of the places this song is sorely needed. Enjoy!

Motivational Monday: The Imitation game

The Imitation Game Quote

I found The Imitation game a very deeply moving movie. I don’t know if all the details were historically accurate, or if some of the story was created for a novel and for Hollywood, but it doesn’t matter. Here was a man who was so vastly different from what was expected, and yet he made possibly the greatest contribution to World War II. In the end, he was punished for not fitting into a mold, an expectation. There are so many great quotes in the movie, none attributed to him in reality, but their poignancy is real nonetheless.