And the blog falls apart . . .

Ahhhhh! I totally forgot to schedule Motivational Monday for the month of May! This is how it starts: no new posts, forget the scheduled ones . . .

Actually, I’ve been thinking. I need to concentrate more on my actual novel writing, so the blog will be a little less than it used to be. I’ll still do Motivational Monday (if I remember!) And the occasional post when I have the time and desire to write. I like what a fellow writer said about seeing it as a documentation of a writer’s path, so that’s kind of what I’m thinking. Hopefully Wednesday I’ll have a post about all the problems I face in my new WIP (and how to fix them?) and then I’ll compile some resources in another post on writing fight scenes, since I’ll be doing a bit of research into that. Blogs not dead, just going to be quiet. Now back to Motivational Monday!


3 thoughts on “And the blog falls apart . . .

  1. Oh, fight scene research, that sounds like it will be in interesting one! I keep making notes to myself of all the things I need to research, maybe I should just set aside a day and actually do it!

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    • I like to research first so I can just hit a few things while writing, but with my recent approach at just write until it’s done, I have a lot of research to do now! I think I write decent fight scenes, but a little research never hurts. Especially since my character is using a particular style and I’d like to get it right.

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      • That’s understandable, I think that will be something I get into when I make my first round of edits to give some scenes more depth, they are pretty blurred right now I feel.

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