Happy Mother’s Day!


I’ll keep this short, but I was thinking. Every Mother’s Day I am focused mostly on my day, my kids, my husband. I call my mom and Hubby calls his, and we usually post a message on Facebook, but that’s about it. But this morning, I was thinking about all the ways Mother’s Day can be different than the traditional homemade cards and thoughtful gifts that most mother’s experience.

Because for some, Mother’s Day is bittersweet. Maybe it’s thinking of the mother they lost, and remembering the joy of the good times, but also the sadness of loss. Or maybe that mother lost a child, whether in infancy or later in years, the hole that leaves can be a sensitive scar, rubbed raw by the joy of others on this day. And then there are those who maybe never have had a mother, or at least not a great relationship with the one they had. For them, this day can be tearful as well, wishing they had a reason to celebrate, but remembering a painful and tumultuous past prevents that. Hopefully they have children of their own and can look forward, rather than back, at the ways in which they will be the mother for their child that they never had.

So on this day, I give thanks for my children, and bask in their love and appreciation. I give thanks to the mothers who have raised me and formed me to be the woman I am today. And my heart goes out to all the mothers I know, in their joy, in their tears, and I pray they know that I am thinking of them and the beauty they have brought to this world.


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