7x7x7x7 Challenge

This morning I was tagged in the 7x7x7x7 Challenge by @adriarrington. (You can find her post on her blog.) In the challenge, you post 7 lines from your WIP starting with the 7th line on the 7th page. Then you tag 7 writers to do the same. Well, I’m a non-conformist, so I won’t be tagging any writers. I think. Maybe. We’ll see. And I’ll post more than 7 lines. 9 I think. Because I didn’t think it made sense without the last one, so . . .

A bit of set-up: Kora, Kael and Alyss are siblings en route to a new planet to live with their scientist father and they are currently aboard a deep space cruiser.

“Atrium,” Kael says to the computer, and we shoot upwards, my stomach doing a flip at the change in elevation.

“Kora, it’s about having fun,” Alyss says as if I know nothing of the word.

Arching my eyebrow skeptically, I glance sideways at her. “I see nothing fun in that.” The thought of all the effort required to pass the awkward stage of meeting a boy, if that’s even possible, makes me nausea.

Beside her, Kael smirks. He is far too smart to fall in love with an unsuitable match, so he understands my argument, but like Alyss, he isn’t opposed to having uncommitted fun. In fact, if he finds the ensign with the crooked smile appealing, I might lose out to my brother anyway.

So that’s it. Hope you enjoy!

Pitchwars 2015: #PimpMyBio Blog Hop

For my usual readers (all five of you 🙂 ) I’m participating in this year’s PitchWars contest organized by Brenda Drake. Seriously, does she ever sleep? For more information you can look here.

For all those lovely mentors and potential mentees who might want to get to know me, well, here you go.

First thing everyone should know: I’m a stay-at-home mom. Here are my kids:

Cute Gremlins

Awwww! Aren’t they cute? There should be five in that picture, though it looks like one of the neighbor kids snuck in the back. But yeah, five kids. The fourth turned out to be four and five. Those identical twins can sneak up on you.

Now here’s a pic at 6:30am or when I say “No!” or when we run out of chocolate milk:

Scary Gremlins

So the next time someone says, “Twins must be so much fun!” I will show them this picture.

And what should you now about me? Here’s a short list
– I have an Associates Degree in Architectural Technology (That means I can draw pretty pictures on the computer)
– I have not used that degree in 9 years (Moving to a small town kind of cut the job choices)
– I write YA, though I also have a trunked MG that may some day be resurrected
– I love all things HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, FIREFLY, HUNGER GAMES, AVENGERS, STAR TREK, LOTR, YA BOOKS, and so much more as my Pinterest boards can attest
– I show my love through homemade frosting, so-so cakes, and impossible projects for which I will never make the deadline (but always do!)

2014-03-16-35 Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Yeah, those are handmade fondant cut-outs of ALL the food from THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR. Each one painted with food coloring to exactly match Eric Carle’s beautiful drawings. For a two-year-old’s birthday. The first step is admitting I have a problem . . . I’m not there yet.

But here’s something that IS a problem:


Not these:

Baby Feet

Oh my gosh, my heart is melting! But the other ones? Ugh! I do not like to touch feet. I do not like anyone touching MY feet. I do not like anyone touching ME with their feet. And for goodness sake don’t touch MY feet with YOUR feet! Ahhhh!

no touchy

So now that we’ve got that straight . . .

What do I plan to do in the PitchWars contest?

I aim to misbehave

Just kidding! I’m a rule follower. But I can’t resist that gif!

So I’m actually more like this:

Hermione raising hand

And a little of this:

Rory Book Smell

And a lot of this:

Jim Carrey Typing

But when I write I get to be this:

Katniss Shooting

And this:


And a whole lot of this!

Han and Leia Kiss

I’ll leave you on a more serious note, though writing in GIFS is fun! My YA Science Fiction THEY CHOSE THE STARS is a retelling of THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. When I first saw the 1992 film starring Daniel Day Lewis, I was so enchanted I had to read the abridged version. I was seventeen. And I knew someday I wanted to write something epic like that. When I decided to attempt a re-telling I read the full version written in 1826 by James Fenimore Cooper. It was a slog (now I know why there’s an abridged version) but I learned so much from it. What Cooper did right. What Cooper did wrong. And it became about more than telling an epic tale. For example, in the original version, Cora is bi-racial but passes for white. In an 1826 novel!!! (There are less than honorable reasons for that BTW, but not for this discussion) But my point is, TLOTM was about so much more than the surface adventure, and I wanted to encapsulate that into my YA as well. Hopefully I did and a mentor is willing to help me make it even better!

A big heartfelt thank you to Brenda Drake for putting on the contest, all the mentors for the insane amount of time it will take to participate in this event, and the agents who give our stories a read and bring those that they can into the light, giving them breath and life.

And since I’m sure my GIF laden bio isn’t enough for all of you, you can find a list of all the other participant’s bios here on Christopher Keelty’s blog. Be sure to give him a shout out for putting this #PimpMyBio Blog Hop on. (What a nice guy!)