7x7x7x7 Challenge

This morning I was tagged in the 7x7x7x7 Challenge by @adriarrington. (You can find her post on her blog.) In the challenge, you post 7 lines from your WIP starting with the 7th line on the 7th page. Then you tag 7 writers to do the same. Well, I’m a non-conformist, so I won’t be tagging any writers. I think. Maybe. We’ll see. And I’ll post more than 7 lines. 9 I think. Because I didn’t think it made sense without the last one, so . . .

A bit of set-up: Kora, Kael and Alyss are siblings en route to a new planet to live with their scientist father and they are currently aboard a deep space cruiser.

“Atrium,” Kael says to the computer, and we shoot upwards, my stomach doing a flip at the change in elevation.

“Kora, it’s about having fun,” Alyss says as if I know nothing of the word.

Arching my eyebrow skeptically, I glance sideways at her. “I see nothing fun in that.” The thought of all the effort required to pass the awkward stage of meeting a boy, if that’s even possible, makes me nausea.

Beside her, Kael smirks. He is far too smart to fall in love with an unsuitable match, so he understands my argument, but like Alyss, he isn’t opposed to having uncommitted fun. In fact, if he finds the ensign with the crooked smile appealing, I might lose out to my brother anyway.

So that’s it. Hope you enjoy!

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