Lenten Post #2: Coming out again, and again, and again . . .


In Post #2 of my 2016 Lenten challenge (read more here) I’m sharing a blog post I have shared before. It is a piece that affected me deeply and has helped to shape how I see and approach the world and the people in it. Lucas Hargis talks about having to come out to people again and again, and how some people he’s known a long time view that coming out, and it made me think about my own thoughts and reactions to people. I hope it gives you some insight as well.

Lucas Hargis: An Open Letter to Everyone From Back Then

**Please remember, this exercise is meant for the improving of ones mind, not their debating skills. If you disagree with me, or any of the articles I present, please keep it to yourself. I do not want to bring negative commentors to the blogs I share, nor do I care to hear your arguments about what I’m doing. This is for educational purposes. Take what you can from it, but don’t leave your crap behind.**

**And if you have suggestions of articles or blogs that I can share, please leave links below! I would love help in this endeavor.**

16 thoughts on “Lenten Post #2: Coming out again, and again, and again . . .

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