Lenten Post #3: Dalia Mogahed and why she wears a hijab

Dalia Mogahed

Dalia Mogahed – Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding in Washington DC

For Post #3, I’d like to share a video of Dalia Mogahed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Among other topics concerning Muslim Americans in this country, Dalia shares why she wears a hijab, and a few other thoughts on the hijab that I found interesting. Yes you will have to sit through a commercial. Sorry. And yes the video is 6 minutes long. But trust, me it’s informative. In fact, Dalia is a good person to listen to if you’d like to find out more about the Muslim American perspective. She can be found pretty much all over the internet and on every major national news channel.

Dalia Mogahed on The Daily Show: Understanding American Muslims and the Media’s Coverage of Terrorism

Here’s my post on my 2016 Lenten Challenge.

And here’s Post #2.

**Please remember, this is about positivity and learning. No negative comments on here, Facebook, or the links I share. Take what you can and leave nothing behind.**

15 thoughts on “Lenten Post #3: Dalia Mogahed and why she wears a hijab

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