Post #5: The Emotional Toll of Growing Up Black in America

Black children

Not really a lot to explain here. Growing up black in America is a far different experience than what white kids have to deal with, no matter how much we want to think otherwise. The Civil Rights Movement happened, and White America wants to think that racism is in the past, yet I would like to share a number of posts that demonstrate that racism is in fact alive and well in this country. It’s hidden. It’s ambiguous. It covers itself up with equality on paper but not in reality. And it’s our job as people who benefit from White Privilege (we’ll talk about that more in a later post) to acknowledge where there are problems and do what we can to fix them, following the lead of our Black brothers and sisters.

Marian Wright Edelman: The Emotional Toll of Growing Up Black in America

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15 thoughts on “Post #5: The Emotional Toll of Growing Up Black in America

  1. Hello, I looked through your blog and thought that this particular lenten challenge makes so much sense … I always thought giving up chocolate or pop or something like that was so, trivial and meaningless, this one, though, really would make a difference. You asked if you could repost my post and, yes you may. I thank you for thinking it worthy of reprinting.! Today in Ontario is a holiday, so happy Family Day!


    • Thanks, Dave! And Happy Family Day to you too! I read through a few more of your posts and am really struck by the content. You are doing something fantastic with your blog and I applaud you. You put a lot of time, thought an effort into your posts and we are all richer for it. Thank you!


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