Post #12: It’s a Choice! Oh Shit!


Ryan Reynolds in DeadPool after his superhero transformation

I could share Dave Hingsburger’s posts all day long. God I love their hard hitting truths. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of his words on disability during my Lenten Challenge, but for now here’s his post on DeadPool. Sorry if you’re offended by swearing, but I find Dave’s words so poignant and necessary I can overlook the vulgar language.

Dave Hingsburger: It’s a Choice! Oh Shit!

**And let’s remember to keep it clean. Leave Dave’s blog as you found it unless you want to leave a like or positive comment. This is about learning and understanding, not debating. If you must say something derogatory or feel the need to argue, leave it here. (Or keep it to yourself . . .)**

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6 thoughts on “Post #12: It’s a Choice! Oh Shit!

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