Post #13: Representation Matters


I wanted to share this article by Michael Skolnik on why he created #ObamaAndKids on Twitter. I’d noticed the hashtag a few days ago and was excited to see some amazing photos of our president and all kinds of American kids. It’s heartwarming, uplifting, spikes tears in my eyes.

Even if you don’t support President Obama, I’d like you to understand what he means, what he represents to the people in this country. For that little boy in the picture above he is affirmation that people of color can indeed ascend to the highest office (and anywhere in between.) But to kids who have been taught by media that people who look like President Obama only make the evening news because of crime, or maybe taught by their parents that someone like him is a reason to be cautious while walking down the street, it’s proof that people of color are good, positive forces in this world.

By striking down more barriers and creating more opportunity every generation, we create another one that will do better than us.

Michael Skolnik: Why I Created #ObamaAndKids

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