Post #26: A Letter on ‘What It’s Like to Have a Sibling with Autism’


This is a great guest post by Natalie Breen who also writes for Autism Works Boston. It’s a wonderful insight into the life of a person who loves her brother with autism and is enriched by his presence in her life. I love what she says here:

Understand that a [person having a] disability does not give you the right to ever feel you are worthier than someone else.

And also here:

Autism exposes some tough, scary feelings. It forces you to reevaluate and abandon the life you may have envisioned and begin a new, untraveled, unplanned path.

Please read the full article below:

Natalie Breen: A Letter on ‘What It’s Like to Have a Sibling with Autism’

*New readers may wonder why I’m sharing these posts and why they’re numbered. Here’s a link to my post I’m Giving Up HATE, PREJUDICE and INDIFFERENCE for Lent.

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*Please remember to leave the sites I post clean. We are here to learn, not debate. Even if you disagree, we need to learn that just because we have an opinion, doesn’t mean we need to share it all the time.*


5 thoughts on “Post #26: A Letter on ‘What It’s Like to Have a Sibling with Autism’

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