Post #43: Life When You’re Not Just Poor, but Deeply Poor

Brandy Price

This is the last of my Lenten Challenge 2016 posts. I’d like to share the story of Brandy, a poor young woman in Philadelphia raising three children. It shares not only the struggle of being poor, but also the indomitable human spirit of a woman trying to make life better for herself and her children.

Alfred Lubano: Life When You’re Not Just Poor, but Deeply Poor

*New readers may wonder why I’m sharing these posts and why they’re numbered. Here’s a link to my post I’m Giving Up HATE, PREJUDICE and INDIFFERENCE for Lent.

And here are my latest 5 posts in the series:
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*Please remember to leave the sites I post clean. We are here to learn, not debate. Even if you disagree, we need to learn that just because we have an opinion, doesn’t mean we need to share it all the time.*

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