Letters to My Representatives 2-2-2017

So I think I’m going to start something new where every time I write a letter to one of my representatives in Congress, I’m going to post it here. This may be boring and redundant, but if it helps someone else see my POV, or gives another person something to write about too, then I have done something good. Don’t expect fireworks. These are quick and dirty. Reps don’t have a lot of time, and neither do their staffers who actually read all this stuff or answer the phones, so no point in waxing eloquent. In fact, I probably go on longer than is necessary, so if you use my words, feel free to cut the extra.

For the record, phone calls are a more effective way to go. They are immediate and someone has to listen. But with my phone anxiety I found I was putting off making the calls more than I was actually doing them, so I decided this was a better compromise. The sheer quantity of emails I can produce should make up for me not making the physical phone call.

I’ve already emailed Rep. Paul Mitchell (R) MI 10th District today, but I didn’t have my “brilliant” idea to share until after I’d sent it through his website with no way to retrieve it. Oh, well. He’ll be getting plenty more from me. 😈

The following is my letter to Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) MI. I’ll be sending an identical letter to Senator Gary Peters (D) MI.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

I want to thank you again for your stance on voting NO for the cabinet nominations for DeVos, Pruitt & Sessions. I thank you for your NO vote on Tillerson. We all know that we are going to lose a lot of battles with Trump in the White House and a GOP majority in both House and Senate. Right now we must attempt to stem the tide of Trump and the GOP’s corrosion to American Democracy, but we must also have our voices heard and our names recorded as dissenters. There is nothing to be gained at capitulation. It is a daily fight to ensure that there is an America and a Democracy left to salvage after Trump and the GOP are done eroding it.

I was unable to find online your exact stance on Mnuchin, but I see that you were involved in boycotting Mnuchin & Price’s hearings and so I am going to assume you are against his confirmation. Or at the very least, you are demanding more answers and an extended hearing. It is very troubling that the GOP is acting in such a manner and I fear for our Democracy. Please vote NO on Mnuchin. He is a predator, immoral and crooked and should have been prosecuted for his role in predatory lending, not rewarded with millions of dollars and a cabinet seat.

I would like to ask you not to support HJRes38 (Repeal of the Stream Protection Rule). I believe our lawmakers are fully capable of protecting our environment while also finding ways to benefit working people and the industries that support them. Let’s get creative and intelligent and find a solution. Don’t sacrifice one for the other.

I thank you for your strong condemnation of Trump’s EO (Extreme Vetting/Muslim Ban). It is disturbing and heartbreaking to see this happen, and one more step against Democracy. I encourage you to support legislation that will overturn this horrendous act.

I would also encourage you not to support HR 7. Please vote no. I am Pro-choice, though I abhor abortion for anything but the most important of reasons. But decreasing a woman’s ability to get a safe, legal abortion is not the answer.


Jennifer Austin

In case I wasn’t clear before, feel free to use my words to send to these Senators and Representative, or craft them in your own way. I’ll be compiling a post about all the helpful sites and organizations I’ve come across in the Resistance soon. Keep those calls and letters coming to your reps. Today Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) Utah, withdrew a bill he was promoting that called for the Department of the Interior to sell of 3.3 million acres of public land. He did this because his constituents called and wrote letters to urge him to withdraw the bill. Constituent pressure does work sometimes. We have to keep doing it!

Quick note: If you are unfamiliar with the issues I am talking about here: LOOK THEM UP! Don’t just take my word for it. Be informed on what you are telling your representatives that you want done! We won’t all agree on everything and we certainly don’t need a cookie-cutter, goose-stepping Resistance. We can each fight for the things that we find important!


2 thoughts on “Letters to My Representatives 2-2-2017

  1. Along with other stuff I’m doing, I’ve started writing to my MP’s (I’m in Canada) because I see the same sort of ‘behaviours’ creeping across the border, and if they don’t hear from us, they won’t hear us.

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    • Very true! We all have to fight this corrosion of nationalism, racism, and bigotry that’s creeping up in all of our nations. In America, we have become too complacent in our democracy. Voting seems to be the apex of what we consider our civic duty, and so many don’t even bother to do that. Too man y take a “Democracy works for me” attitude, instead of understanding that a government for the people and by the people needs to also be worked for BY the people.


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