Letters to My Representatives 2-7-2017

Good morning, Resistance! Here’s my letter for today. This is addressed to Representative Paul Mitchell (R)-MI 10th District, but I sent identical letters to Senator Debbie Stabenow (D)-MI and Senator Gary Peters (D)-MI:

Dear Representative Mitchell,

Good Morning!

I wanted to express my concern on a few things that I think directly relate to our national security, the legitimacy of the Office of the President and our economic interests. I’m sure you are aware that many people are concerned about Trump’s ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. This is not only an economic issue (Trump’s business ties) but also a national security issue in what he might do to please Putin. There is also concern that Russia might have compromising information on Trump that might affect his decision making abilities. I feel it is very important to the interests of this nation that a FULL investigation be conducted into Trump’s business ties to Russia (including Russian investments in his corporations), his personal ties to Putin, any contact that he, his campaign, and surrogates might have had with Russia and/or intermediaries for Russia, and any information that Russia might have to influence Trump. I encourage you to support or sponsor any action to initiate these investigations immediately.

I also have grave concerns that Trump has not fully divested from his business dealings. His puppet show of files that “release” all his responsibility to his companies was farcical and an insult to the intelligence of the American people. His children (i.e. a direct link to him) not only running his businesses but also having a hand in the White House and running the country is a direct conflict. Any precedent that Trump and his administration sets in the next four years will be carried through our Democracy indefinitely. If we, as a people, do not unite in the face of the changes pressed upon us from this administration, then we are as responsible for the erosion of our Democracy as Trump. It is time to set aside the ideas of party politics. We are not Democrats, Republicans and Independents, nor House and Senate. We can not be Conservatives or Liberals. We need to be Americans and protect our Democracy and the position of President of the United States for all generations to follow.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Austin

If you have questions, would like me to address a specific issue in a future letter or are looking for resources, please comment below. I will be creating a page of information for those who would like to become more politically active in the very near future!


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