Letters To My Representatives 2-15-2017

Today’s letter was sent to all three of my representatives as I am asking them all for the same thing:

Dear Senator Stabenow,

I am deeply concerned with the information about Trump surrogates and/or campaign employees contacting Russian officials or intermediaries during the campaign and prior to Inauguration. I do understand that it is not entirely uncommon for members of a campaign and incoming administration to have contact with foreign powers, but there have been too many alarming occurrences of this nature for it to be pushed aside as the GOP seems to think is warranted. I encourage you to call for and support a full bipartisan investigation into all of Trump’s ties to Russia including financial, campaign and any promises he might have made to them. Also, we need a full investigation completed concerning Russia’s interference in our election. We need a full timeline of all these events so the American people can know whether Trump and/or his associates have been colluding with a foreign power. It is imperative that this situation be investigated and cleared up so that we can get on with the business of governing our country.

I also find it concerning that Trump knew about Flynn’s breach of protocol (lying to the VP) weeks ago and only decided to act after the media became involved. It makes one wonder what else he is hiding. I think the American people deserve to know.

Jennifer Austin


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