Letters to My Representatives 2-22-2017

Here is my letter to my representatives today. They are all getting the same one that discusses immigration, ICE raids, and Trump’s Extreme Vetting EOs.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Good morning.

I am writing you today to discuss immigration in the United States. I am deeply concerned by the current climate surrounding the immigration debate as well as Republican and Trump actions and words regarding this issue.

First I am strongly opposed to the current Executive Order banning immigration from certain countries and I will also oppose the new ban if it is essentially the same as the first. Not only do I believe that the ban is illegal and harmful to the United States, but I feel it is an insult to our immigration and intelligence communities. It essentially says that they aren’t doing their jobs because Trump thinks we need “extreme vetting” which is tantamount to irrational questions that do not make us safer.

Next, I am very concerned about the ICE raids that have been taking place recently. I do not know if these raids are above and beyond what has already been going on prior to Trump, or if this is simply more media attention drawn to something already happening, but  I do think we need to address this issue with intelligence and reason. Deporting dangerous criminals is in the best interest of the United States, but deporting hardworking people with families, especially children, is unethical and counterproductive to our country. We need to make smart, ethical choices in regards to immigration that will benefit our country with a strong work force and vibrant diversity.

I believe that we should be welcoming refugees to this country. Not only do I believe this as a Christian, but also I have always believed our country was a harbor for people in need. The GOP is making me see that my belief has not been accurate and I am deeply disheartened that I so misjudged the hearts and morality of my countrypeople. We should be welcoming to diversity, to new people with ideas and skills, and to those seeking refuge, not barring people and engaging in hate crimes against them.

I encourage you to propose and support intelligent, ethical legislation or statements that acknowledge the need for a diverse work force, for not separating families, for supporting our intelligence community in the work they do, and adheres not only to our laws and Constitution, but also to our moral code of conduct that betters us as a nation.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin


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