Letters to My Representatives 2-23-2017

Here are today’s letters to my representatives. Senator Stabenow (D) MI, and Senator Peters (D) MI, received the letter below. Representative Paul Mitchell (R) MI-10 received that same minus the first concern as S.J.Res.18 is in the Senate and has already passed the House.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Here are my concerns for today:

I encourage you to NOT support S.J.Res.18 (H.J.Res.69). Protecting the environment and wildlife needs to be a top priority.

I am deeply disturbed by the rise in hate crimes since the election, and specifically the bomb threats against Jewish centers and the desecration of a graveyard in Missouri, as well as Trump’s inability to effectively denounce these actions. He was rude and dismissive to a Jewish reporter at his news conference and despite his claims to be “the least anti-Semitic person” I see little evidence he is doing anything to curtail these hate crimes. I ask that you speak out against these crimes, specifically and with force, making it known with no question that you do not support hate crimes, you do not support those perpetrating them, and you unequivocally denounce any and all people and organizations that perpetrate and/or advocate such actions or hate rhetoric that inspires such actions. And I ask that you demand Trump do the same with concise to the point language that leaves no question as to his stance.

I am also deeply concerned with the lies that have been coming out of the White House, from Trump as well as his staff like Conway, Spicer and Miller. I want to know what you intend to do about the state of falsities being presented to the American people as “alternative facts”. I encourage you to stand vigorously against false statements from this administration by making public statements denouncing such practices and demanding truth telling from the White House. Alternate facts are lies and we need to have truth from our elected officials.

I do not support the GOP ACA replacement plan and I encourage you to not support it and find alternatives to this disastrous plan.

It is time the expensive Trump White House is addressed. Trump’s travel and security expenditures have far exceeded other presidents’ and is a drain on the taxpayers. Something must be done to curb his excess.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Austin


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