Letters to My Representatives 3-13-2017

Here is today’s letter. All three received the same one, though I removed a few things from Rep. Mitchell’s as they weren’t pertinent to his House duties.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Good morning! Here are today’s concerns:

I encourage you to call for and support a special prosecutor and an independent commission to investigate Flynn, Sessions, Trump and his entire campaign organization and their ties to Russia, both during the campaign and financial.

I don’t know what can be done about Pruitt and how he’s handling the EPA, but please keep those thoughts in mind going forward. I know you are already fighting the proposed budget cuts to funds that benefit the Great Lakes Region, so please keep up that fight. Also, I read that Pruitt had the phone line shut down that many people were calling in to complain about his comments regarding climate change. I hope you will condemn this act if it is true. The government CANNOT shut down communication with the American people or it is no longer a government for and by the people.

Please delay the confirmation of Gorsuch as Supreme Court judge. Use it as leverage to get an investigation into Trump’s Russian ties.

I am very concerned with Trump’s lack of interest in replacing and appointing qualified people, or any people for that matter, to many government jobs. I see this as a ploy to reduce the power others have in government so he can aggregate it around himself. It is dangerous to allow that man to change our government for his benefit.

Please vote no on HR7.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Austin


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