Letters to My Representatives 3-14-2017

Here are today’s letters. Everybody received the same one with no changes. Please feel free to copy and paste if you would like to use them for your own reps. We need to keep making our voices heard.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

My first concern for today is Trump’s prospective EO to reorganize the Executive Branch. While I do think that the government could benefit from reorganization across all branches in an effort to save money, do a job more efficiently, and cut red tape that prevents citizens from receiving the aid they need, I DO NOT trust Trump or his administration to do this in a meaningful, comprehensive and intelligent way. I see Trump as trying to consolidate power in himself and his immediate subordinates. I also see him trying to create discord and chaos in our current government so he can use these examples of inefficiency (that he creates) as a valid reason for him to make the changes that he wants. I do not trust him to make changes that benefit the American people. I encourage you to be vigilant as these actions move forward and stop him from damaging our system of government and consolidating more power in his hands. If anything, we need an independent commission making suggestions about how to run our government more smoothly, not a person who has a stake in grabbing more power for himself. Not to mention many positions are still unfilled and Trump shows no indication he is going to fill them, thus creating a system where employees are too busy with White House mandate to do their jobs effectively and thereby hurting the American people.

My second concern is the AHCA. I am upset that as many as 14 million people will lose coverage by next year. I realize this is largely attributed to repeal of penalties if you don’t participate in the plans, and while I understand that ideology, insurance works when all people participate, just like car, home, flood insurance do. They are there to guard us against catastrophes and in the case of health insurance, to give us the care necessary to remain healthy. Even worse is the loss of coverage to upwards of 24 million people by 2026. I do not like that this will increase costs exponentially for people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly, two groups of people who are the least able to shoulder the extra cost in the first place. I am concerned that this will decrease the quality of insurance plans as they will be competing on cost basis not a quality basis. And I am concerned that this will narrow the scope of care that people can receive through the insurance plans, such as losing maternity benefits. I encourage you to oppose the AHCA.

I’d also like to encourage you to strongly oppose Rep. John Shimkus’s remarks regarding that men shouldn’t have to pay for women’s prenatal care. The sentiment is utterly ludicrous and sexist, placing all the burden for childcare on the woman. Yet I’m sure he has no problem regulating whether women can have an abortion or have access to birth control.

I encourage you to strongly denounce Rep. Steve King’s racist remarks regarding white nationalism. Trump is an enabler and a vindication to all the racists that have been hiding. Now they feel they can come out and promote a homogeneous society and white nationalism with no repercussions. We must be adamant and have zero tolerance for these words and behaviors.

Jennifer Austin


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