Letters to My Representatives 3-17-2017

Hey everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Here is my letter I sent to my three representatives today. In case you’re wondering why I almost always post the letter I sent to Senator Stabenow, it’s because I write her’s first because I feel like I can speak to her without getting angry, so if I send a Republican the same or almost same letter I send to her, I’m much nicer. 🙂


Dear Senator Stabenow,

Good morning! Here are my concerns for today:

I encourage you to take make a statement regarding Trump’s predicted hard power stance concerning international issues. Specifically the approach he appears to be moving toward in regards to China and North Korea, but also his general international approach (minus Russia of course). We have had a history of using both soft power (diplomacy) and hard power (show of force) and I don’t think choosing hard power over diplomacy will make us safer.

In fact, I think Trump’s actions may provoke more unrest in the world and potentially drive us toward war. His Muslim ban does not make us safer, is a slap in the face to intelligence officials who have been doing their jobs effectively long before Trump showed up, and creates more tension and ill feelings toward Americans. The same will be true of any hardline actions he takes toward North Korea. We need to take an intelligent and thought out approach to international diplomacy and Trump’s bully tactics he used in business are going to result in lives lost.

I encourage you to make strong statements against Trump’s proposed budget cuts. I don’t have the time or space to list all those that are ludicrous and will damage our country, though I will give a detailed list in the near future. Trump is attempting to damage this country in the interest of promoting increases in “safety” when he is actually making us less safe. He is perpetuating a self-fulling prophecy and I believe he does this intentionally.

I encourage you to make a strong statement regarding Trump spending, especially in light of his proposed budget cuts to programs that benefit needy Americans. American tax dollars are going to his weekend trips top Mar-a-Lago and to Melania residing in New York. Worse yet, we (the American people) are paying Trump to house him and Secret service and aids in buildings owned by Trump, therefore filling his own pocket with more money. The inappropriateness of this is astounding.

In closing, I encourage you to come out strong against Trump in his apparent bid to bolster armed services that he will control (military budget increases, ICE hiring proposals, and giving more power to ICE agents). While we need strong military and law enforcement, I am concerned that Trump is following a playbook that will grant him more and more authoritarian power. And I believe he is hoping for an opportunity to use such force in an effort to solidify his control during a time of national crisis.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin


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