Letters to My Representatives 3-23-2017

Here are my letters today! First one is for my senators, the second for my House rep. If you can, call or write your reps today!! The House is voting on the AHCA today.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

I know I can count on you to vote against HR 1628/American Health Care of 2017 or whatever it will be called if/when it reaches the Senate. I encourage you to continue to speak out against this horrible bill with strong language. Thank you for your support of the American people and Michigan residents in particular. Please continue to encourage both Senators and Congresspeople to vote against this damaging bill.

I would also like to encourage you to strongly demand that we put a hold on the Trump administration until matters of his ties to Russia have been resolved. It is inappropriate that a questionable president should be making decisions, enacting policy and appointing people to the government when his legality is in question. Most importantly, please hold up Gorsuch’s nomination as Trump should not be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice when he is under investigation for colluding with Russia to throw our election.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin


Dear representative Mitchell,

I am asking you to please vote NO, when HR 1628 or the American Health Care of 2017, comes to the House Floor either today, or tomorrow. This is a bill that has the potential to impact millions of lives for decades, and decisions are being made too quickly, and without deliberation.

The CBO score alone suggests that there are millions who will be negatively impacted, should AHCA pass. Please focus on working and fixing the ACA, and addressing any challenges/potential solutions that way.

I encourage you to support a full independent commission into Trump’s ties to Russia and his collusion to throw the election. Nunes is demonstrating he is not qualified to conduct this and we need absolute certainty in this matter. The Trump administration should not be allowed to enact policy, make decisions, or appoint people to the government while his very legitimacy is in question. You owe it to the American people to ensure that their president is legitimate and serves the interests of America, not himself or Russia.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin

Here’s a link to call/email scripts for the AHCA though it’s also what I used! Get out there and let your reps know how you feel!!




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