Letters to My Representatives 3-24-2017

Here is today’s letter to Representative Paul Mitchell only. The House votes on AHCA today and I encourage all of you to email/fax/call immediately! Voting starts at 10am!

Dear Representative Mitchell,

I attempted to call your Washington DC office this morning but not only are you not answering the phone your voicemail box is full. I have heard a lot of Americans saying this is the case with their own representatives. I’d like to believe it’s because so many people are calling to tell all of you to do your damn job and vote no on the AHCA, and I think that’s highly likely because it is extremely unpopular, but I suspect it is also a tactic so that certain GOP representatives no longer have to listen to their constituents. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you would never do this to your constituents and will continue to be readily available to hear their concerns and acknowledge what they want as you do in fact work for us.

As such I am writing to demand that you vote no on HR 1628 or the American Health Care of 2017, when it comes to the House Floor. This is a bill that has the potential to impact millions of lives for decades, and decisions are being made too quickly, and without deliberation. The CBO score alone suggests that there are millions who will be negatively impacted, should AHCA pass. Please focus on working and fixing the ACA, and addressing any challenges/potential solutions that way. Not to mention the last minute additions will be catastrophic to the health of millions of Americans.

Based on your multiple letters and calls trying to convince me that the AHCA is a great bill (you failed by the way) I am assuming that you are voting yes. If you have indeed changed your mind and are voting no, my apologies for the vociferousness of this letter. If you are voting yes, which I suspect you will, just know that I will remember come November of 2018. In fact, I’ll make it my mission in life to make sure that every constituent of Michigan’s 10th District remembers come November of 2018. This bill is detrimental to Americans and not only will it cause great harm to the health of millions of people, it will come back to bite you when you’re up for re-election. Which I suspect is all you really care about anyway.

Have a nice day.

Jennifer Austin


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