Letters to My Representatives 4-6-2017

Today’s letter is loooong. We’re on vacation and I know it’s the only one I’m going to have time for. I wrote all three reps, though this is the one for Senator Stabenow. But all three were mostly the same, so no need to post them all. Please consider writing/calling/faxing your reps once a week. it may not seem like it odes much, but our combined voices are important to influence our democracy.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Thank you for voting NO on Gorsuch. Please continue to fight against the changing of the rules to allow for a simple majority to approve Supreme Court picks.

I am deeply disturbed at the lack of US response or inappropriate response to the chemical attacks on civilians in Syria, the refugee crisis, as well as the threat of unprecedented famine and drought around the world. We are approaching an attitude of isolationism which is morally wrong, detrimental to our country and impossible as we are becoming a global society and affect others with our actions whether we choose to or not. Please take a stand that our government needs to be a global leader in helping the less fortunate in this world.

We need to be accepting more refugees, not less. We need to take a firm stance against Assad, the use of chemical warfare, as well as Putin. We need for the US to push Russia to sign off on the UN Security Council resolution. We need to do more!

I do not support cuts to the Lead Risk Reduction Program.

Please stand against the GOP’s latest attempt to repeal and undermine the ACA. I do not support the idea of high risk groups that place an unsustainable burden on the most vulnerable. We are attacking and punishing the very people who need our help the most.

I ask you to protest Trump’s defunding the UN Family Planning Agency. He continually targets the most vulnerable groups of people and it’s time we held the GOP accountable for not caring about the least among us.

Please protest Trump’s changes and/or proposed changes to use of force rules. This could lead to more civilian deaths, which in itself is heinous, but will also lead to increased hatred of Americans and potential backlash and increased attacks and fighting.

Please challenge Session’s review of the Justice Department’s review of Police Reform. We need police reform to address the systemic racism and violence that permeates our police forces nationwide and increase safety for our officers as well as decrease the instances of death to our civilians.

Please speak out in defense of sanctuary cities.

I DEMAND as a US citizen an independent commission to investigate Trump and his Russian ties. We need a full investigation into Trump, his financial ties, his campaign ties, Flynn, Sessions, Manafort, Kuchner and many more and their ties and interactions with Russians and their surrogates during the campaign. We deserve to know the complete truth on this matter.

I want to know why LGBTQIA people were removed from the census and what can be done about it. We need data to target need in certain communities and the lack of this data will be detrimental to the US for generations to come.

I want to know why Sessions has not been held accountable for lying under oath. Please seek appropriate action to make sure that this happens.

Please continue to find ways to protect Dreamers. We have an obligation to help children who were brought here as children and have grown up as Americans most of their life. They are a part of our communities and we need to provide protections for them.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin

Visit It’s Time to Fight for more ideas, scripts and information. I’ts important to be armed with facts!


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