Letters To My Representatives 4-19-2017

Good morning, fellow Resistance! Here is my letter for today! All three of my reps received the same one. Be sure to call/email/fax your own reps and check out It’s Time To Fight for more info!

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Good morning!

I would like to express concern that Trump called Erdogan and congratulated him on winning the referendum that awards Erdogan more power. This is a slide into a dictatorship for Turkey and it is very disturbing that Trump is congratulating another leader on acquiring more power. It also means we need to be very careful in curtailing Trump’s own power and guaranteeing that he doesn’t make a power grab in anyway.

I realize that our influence over this is limited, but I want to express strong condemnation over the reports that gay men are being held and tortured in camps in Chechnya. If this is true, it is a heinous crime and we need to speak out against it, and potentially do something about it.

I am very concerned about the developments in our relationship with North Korea. Mainly that Trump is in charge of our response and he has thus far proven himself to be ineffectual, reactive, and a liar. We cannot trust him. I don’t know what you or any elected official can do about this, but as a citizen, I fear to have that man in charge if any military operation.

Concerning the North Korean developments, I’d like to know how Trump can say he is deploying the USS Carl Vinson in an offensive maneuver against NK, but really it was heading to the Indian Ocean. How does our government lose track and/or not have their story straight on a carrier strike group? If it was a ruse, is this responsible governance to potentially spark an international incident? How horrifying for the families of those serving on those ships to think Trump was sending them into a volatile situation when really they were going to practice maneuvers. And what is the end game? Trump has no plan. He is reactionary and irrational. Does he want a regime change or for the DPRK to reduce their nuclear efforts? He’s made no coherent statements.

I am concerned that Stephen Miller has been tasked with working on women’s issues. To start with, he’s not female, so why is Trump placing a man in charge of women’s issues? Also, Miller has expressed a disbelief in the pay gap, argued against paid family leave, and has no experience working with women’s issues. This continuing absence of women from Trump’s administration and the role of men in deciding things for women is not just troubling, it’s downright criminal. We are going backward and I for one have no wish to live in the 1950’s.

I have concerns over the Buy American, Hire American EO Trump signed. While I can see some benefits, I think the prevailing mindset that we should only look at American products and people puts us into the position of becoming less competitive in the global market. We make ourselves better and more competitive by absorbing the best into our system. If we continue with this nationalistic and isolationist approach we will fall behind the rest of the world. America First is a policy for the past. We are a global community and need to act like it.

I oppose any measures to repeal, defund, or end the ACA. Please continue to work to support the ACA, as well as propose measures to fix some of its problems, because it is of course not perfect.

I am concerned about the cutting of federal jobs. While eliminating redundancy and making departments more efficient is a good thing and needed, I am concerned that our government is going to be running short handed and under-funded. This may be Trump’s plan, to make our government work less well so he can point out the problems and declare he needs more power to make things run better, so we need to be extremely vigilant in preventing him from doing this.

I am opposed to Devos rolling back Obama-era guidelines on student loans. Taking away these protections do not help our students.

I will continue to call for a bipartisan commission to investigate Trump and his campaign and their ties to Russia, both financially and during the campaign. I demand a full investigation into all of Trump’s surrogates and himself.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin


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