Letters to My Representatives 5-3-2017

Short on time so here is my letter to Rep. Mitchell today. Peters and Stabenow will get a different one thanking them for their continued support of the ACA.

Dear Representative Mitchell,

​I am asking you to please vote NO on AHCA, or the attempt to repeal ACA. There is discussion of the proposed MacArthur Amendment, which would give the option of limited waivers. While the argument is that limited waivers would allow for wider coverage, it would actually allow insurers to go back to individual ratings to set premiums.

The byproduct of reverting back to the individual rating system would likely impact those with pre-existing conditions, forcing the costs of individual plans higher. Please do not allow ill constituents to be negatively impacted in this way. Please continue working on fixing ACA, rather than repealing it.

On a personal note, I have a pre-existing condition through no fault of my own. I was born with a mild heart condition. I also have many, many friends with pre-existing conditions, or their children have pre-existing conditions, none of whom acquired these conditions through poor living choices. Without the ACA and without pre-existing condition protections, many people will not be able to afford the insurance that provides the healthcare they need to survive. We need to stop this partisan squabble about trying to repeal Obama’s legacy legislation. It is petty and demeaning. The Republican party looks like the villain in this issue. There are problems with the ACA. It is not perfect. But let’s focus on the issues concerning it that really matter and stop trying to have a PR victory that will hurt the American people in the long run.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jennifer Austin


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