Letters to My Representatives 5-16-2017

Today’s letter is for Representative Paul Mitchell only. I’ll write all three of my reps tomorrow with my usual letters, but today the GOP needs to wake up. I’m tired. I’m tired of their excuses, of their lies, of their vile justifications for damaging the people of this country.

Dear Representative Mitchell,

I was prepared to write a pleasant, dare I say, civil letter today, but I’m afraid that ship has sailed. I have just one question for you and the rest of the Republican Party:

What’s it going to take?

What’s it going to take for the GOP to stand with the Constitution, with Democracy, with the American people?

What’s it going to take for the Republicans to decide the preservation of our union is more important than party?

What’s it going to take for Conservatives to stop the erosion of the very foundation of this democracy instead of clinging to the power that allows them to advance their agenda?

What’s it going to take?

What if Trump lies to the American people, and is proven to have lied? Nope. He’s already done that.

What if Trump accuses a former president of illegal actions, is found to have no proof, and never retracts his statement? Nope. Sorry. That one’s passed too.

What if Trump writes executive orders that are discriminatory? Yeah. Done.

What if Trump threatens a foreign power with naval deployment only to find out those ships were headed in the wrong direction? Yeah. That’s already happened.

What if Trump hires a man to be the National Security Adviser knowing he is compromised, and being advised that he is a compromised individual? Again. This has already passed.

What if Trump fires the woman who advised him that Flynn was compromised after she refuses to uphold something she didn’t believe was Constitutional, which she swore under oath to do? You’re right. He’s already done that.

What if Trump fires the FBI director after the director asks for more money and resources for an investigation into Russia’s interference into our election & Trump’s possible ties to that? Yup. Done. And GOP has done nothing.

What if Trump asks for loyalty from other branches, divisions of the government? Oh, yeah. That happened. Seriously. A sitting president asked for “loyalty”. In case you’ve forgotten, and by the responses from the GOP these days, I’m going to assume you have, we don’t give loyalty to leaders. We give loyalty to country. And Trump is not this country. No president is this country. The country is the people collectively. All of them. Not one. Not Trump. Those are the actions of a dictator.

And what if Trump gives classified information to a foreign power that would be detrimental to this country? WHAT IF TRUMP GIVES CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO A FOREIGN POWER THAT WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO THIS COUNTRY?!!

I have asked repeatedly for a special prosecutor to be assigned to this case and for the formation of an independent commission to investigate the Russian interference into the election and any connection Trump and his surrogates may have had with the interference. I have also asked that Trump’s financial ties to Russia be thoroughly investigated. I reiterate my request again, and will do so in the future. This matter must be thoroughly investigated by an independent commission for the safety and continuance of our Democracy.

I also ask that you and the rest of the GOP put this country ahead of your party. Trump is detrimental to the very core of our union. The longer the GOP stands by and allows him to erode our democracy, the more damage we will have to undo in the future. If we will even have one at this rate.

I ask that you take a stand against any change to the net neutrality rules. A change in rules would take away our freedom on the internet and negatively impact individual constituents and small businesses alike, and I think it is important that you speak out against in advance of May 18th and fight any attempts to change the rules.

I would also like to remind you that I will be making every effort in approach of the 2018 elections to not only remind your 10th District constituents that you voted in favor of the AHCA, but also let them know how this has and will affect their lives.

I ask that you increase funding for the upcoming American census. It is important that we have adequate data to help us plan for the future.

I am opposed to Sessions decision to pursue harsher maximum sentences against drug offenders. The drug problem in this country is not one that will be solved by filling up our prisons and ruining lives even further than they are already ruined. We should be looking at rehabilitation, job training, decreasing poverty, education, and many other avenues. We need to provide assistance and a way out for drug users, dealers, and those who could potentially be caught up in that situation.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin


2 thoughts on “Letters to My Representatives 5-16-2017

    • I think many of in the GOP are implicated in Trump, so if he goes down, they might too. And even those who weren’t involved in any of his shady shenanigans are hoping to steamroll their agenda through with this “sign anything” president. It’s not going to be the Republicans or the Democrats that really take down this administration. it’s going to be sustained effort by citizens to FORCE them to do their jobs.

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