Letters to My Representatives 5-31-2017

Here is today’s letter to my representative. I used ItsTimetoFight.com for scripts and info. All three letters were the same except Representative Mitchell’s (R) has a paragraph about me reminding his constituents that he voted for the AHCA coming into the 2018 election and removing the paragraph about judiciary confirmations as that is a Senate issue and the House doesn’t vote on those.

I swear these letters keep getting longer and longer, but that’s because there are always new things to write about, yet the old ones never go away. It may seem redundant to send them the same concerns over and over again, but that;s kind of the point. We need to be squeaky wheels. Very loud, obnoxious, repetitive, relentless squeaky wheels. They may not listen. But we have to let them know we aren’t going away. We will just keep coming back for more and more.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

I want to thank you for your continued support of the ACA and ask that you oppose any efforts to repeal the ACA, especially without replacement measures. The AHCA is a terrible bill and I ask that you oppose it in any form and work with your GOP colleagues to encourage them to vote NO on the bill as well. The CBO score estimating that 23 million Americans will lose their coverage is unacceptable and the potential for state waivers will affect those with pre-existing conditions.

I ask that you vote NO for the Financial Choice Act of 2017. Many of these safeguards were put into place after the recession on 2008 and helped our economy recover. The financial welfare of this country will be in danger if this passes.

I am very concerned at the Trump budget proposal. The cuts to entitlement programs will be destructive to the most vulnerable in this country. Without Medicaid paying for the birth of my first child I would have been mired in debt. It helped me make a strong recovery from an unexpected situation at a young age, and I was able to go to college while caring for a young child, ultimately getting a good paying job so I could not only support myself and my child, but pay taxes to benefit all of our society. It may not seem like a lot, but programs like Medicaid and WIC not only ensured that my child had a healthy start in life, but allowed me to become a productive member of society.

I ask that you condemn Trump’s budget and vote against it in any form.

I ask that you speak out against Trump’s proposed plan to roll back contraception mandate for health coverage. Contraception is not only used for birth control, for one thing, but it is ludicrous that health insurance would not cover something that creates the ability for women to choose when to become pregnant and drops the rates of abortion. It is also ridiculous to me the attitude I have heard from many male lawmakers that they should not be responsible for women’s healthcare, i.e. prenatal, maternity, birth control. Too many men are simultaneously saying ‘we need to make choices for you on your healthcare, but we shouldn’t have to pay for it either’. Please defend a woman’s right to make her own choices about birth control.

I ask that you condemn Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. I realize there is little that Congress can do, but we need to be very vocal about this. Ignoring the ramifications of global warming will be permanently damaging to our nation and counter to what all of our science agencies are advising.

I ask that you push for further investigation into Jared Kushner’s apparent attempts to establish a ‘back channel’ communication with the Russians during the campaign, and push to have his security clearance revoked if necessary. Kushner’s actions merit investigation, especially when taken with the many, many suspicious activities of other Trump associates, Trump administration, and Russia. Please push for the truth.

I ask that you take a stand against the change in net neutrality rules. A change in rules will take away our freedom on the internet, and negatively impact individual constituents and small businesses alike. Please speak out against the change in these rules.

I would like to express my concern that Trump revealed classified intelligence to Ambassador Kiyslak and Foreign Minister Lavrov in their Oval Office meeting. I understand it is within his duties to make that decision, but this information was obviously revealed without coordination with our intelligence community. I ask that you push for a release of the transcript and and take any other relevant action.

I would also like to express my concern over the news that Trump asked Comey to end the investigation into Michael Flynn. If this is true, it is a clear obstruction of justice and interfering into an ongoing federal investigation. That is criminal. I will ask again for an independent commission to investigate all of these apparent ties to Russia from Trump, his associates, and his campaign. A special prosecutor is a good first step, but we need an independent commission.

I want to express my profound concern at the appointment of Sheriff David Clarke to the DHS. Clarke has many questionable obstacles on his record and is not in the best interest of the DHS. I understand his appointment doesn’t require confirmation, but I ask you to speak out against this nonetheless.


Please fight for funding for the census and push Trump to appoint a non-partisan person to head the department.

I would like to express my concern at Sessions recent rule changes to mandatory minimums. He is reverting back to a time of excessive incarceration, funded by our tax dollars, and with long term detrimental impacts on families and communities. Please speak out and stand against such policies that will have long standing ramifications.

I ask that you block Trump’s judicial nominees for the 129 vacancies currently in the US. I ask that you make every attempt to block him placing partisan judges in those positions that will affect the country for many, many years to come. Now is not the time for Senate courtesy. We are fighting for their very soul of our Democracy and we can’t give an inch.

Please stand against Trump’s Religious Liberties EO. We need to stop the idea that people can discriminate against others and use their religion as an excuse. This isn’t about religious freedom, it’s about freedom to discriminate.

I am writing to not support any attempts to pass legislation that may help revoke monument status on any of our nation’s already-designated monuments. While the Trump Administration has claimed that the purpose of this review is to stop federal government overreach and return power to the states, we can’t overlook the fact that a lot of the monuments under review are natural monuments that could potentially be negatively impacted, without their national monument status.  Please consider the long-term impact of removing national monument status from an invaluable resource to our state.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin



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