Letters to My Representatives 8-2-2017

Here are today’s letters. Senator Stabenow & Senator Peters received the same letter, and Rep. Moolenaar’s letter was similar, but instead of thanking him for fighting for the ACA, I reminded him that I will do all in my power to remind his constituents come 2018 election that he stood against the ACA and what that means for their insurance, and I omitted the paragraph about the Dream Act of 2017 because that is in the Senate, not the House.

Dear Senator Stabenow,

Thank you again for standing with the ACA and the American people in the fight to ensure healthcare for all its citizens.

I would like to express my concerns about the White House’s threats to cut off CSR payments for the month of August. These threats are destabilizing the markets and contributing to market uncertainty. I am asking that you make sure that CSR payments are fully funded. I recognize that this is a contentious issue given House vs Price but we cannot accept anymore market instability. I’ll be monitoring the office to see how they choose to handle this issue.

I would like to voice my strong objection, nay, my unmitigated disgust and anger, to Trump’s announcement barring transgender individuals from serving in the Armed Forces. This is bigotry and discrimination. Though Trump claims it is based on monetary issues and “strengthening” our military, he obviously has little understanding of the military budget, and of the strength and professionalism of our military. It is an insult to our people serving, to transgender people in particular, and to the American people. It is a bid to pacify certain segments of Trump’s supporters and not based on any factual evidence that Trump purports. I ask that you speak out against Trump’s decision and affirm to any of your LGBTQIA+ constituents that you respect their courage and their willingness to serve. And I ask that you do whatever you can to fight this decision.

I would like to voice my support for Senator Durbin and Graham’s Dream Act of 2017. I believe that we should help all under 18 young adults who were brought to the US and have fulfilled all the legal requirements instituted by the government, be put on the pathway to legal citizenship. Many of these young adults were brought to the US at a young age and have contributed academically and professionally to our country. I believe helping them achieve permanent and legal status as a citizen can only benefit our country. Please support this bill.

I ask you to speak out against the ongoing changes at the State Department, including the closure of the War Crimes office and the folding of the cyber office into another department. I ask that you go on record in addressing how these changes will impact our diplomatic capabilities globally. Your constituents need to hear you speak out against these measures.

I ask you to take a continued stand against the rollback of Net Neutrality. A change in rules would take away our freedom on the internet and negatively impact individuals and small businesses alike. Please stand against the FCC’s efforts to change Net Neutrality.

I ask that you pressure the White House to use all diplomatic measures possible to resolve issues with the DPRK.

I would also like to ask for the continued investigations into Trump, his son Don, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and well quite frankly the whole crooked lot of them. Don Jr. admitted to collusion, Kushner has omitted important financial ties to Russian influence on his security clearance forms, and others have had meetings and ties to Russia, many of which originally lied about it. Please support the continued investigations, protest Trump’s every move to thwart them, and demand answers to the questions of Trump’s, his surrogates’, and his campaign’s ties to Russia and any collusion in the election.

Please speak out against Trump’s second secretive meeting with Putin at the G20 summit. We need total transparency from this suspect administration and this meeting is highly suspicious as there are no other American witnesses to confirm Trump’s statement on the meeting. It is also highly unusual and concerning considering the suspicion of collusion in the election.

I am livid over the White House’s continued blocking of reporters from recording or broadcasting the daily White House press briefings. Denying the American public the right to hear what is being discussed by our government is anti-transparency and not what a democratic government is supposed to do. Please speak out against and challenge the White House on this practice.

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Austin

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