Holding Myself Accountable

I’m writing this post strictly to hold myself accountable. I am going to start writing my next WIP on October 1st. It’s a date selected because it’s the first of the month and I’ve been finding every excuse (some very legitimate) for putting it off. I have to start now or it feels like I never will.

Sure, I could put it off for NaNo (which I’ve never officially done), but November is a terrible month for me to write. I can do it, but the sheer number of words I need to create would be difficult with kids and vacations and holiday prep.

I know, I know, we all have those and other things to do, and super great big kudos to you if you can do it (I am in serious awe!), but I know what I have to do that month so I’m going to make the decision not to overload myself.

So that gives me 31 days in my own personal NaNo. But I’m not aiming for 50k words, though. I’ve done 50k in 28 days before. I’m aiming to finish a rough draft in those 31 days. It could be 60k, it could be 90k. But I “win” if I finish a complete draft.

Yeah, I have no idea if I can actually do this.

I estimate that I need 2580 words/day (for 80k) to 2903 words/day (for 90k). Better to aim on the high side. Not only because I write thick 1st drafts, but even if I finish at 60k I’m inside my timeline.

So here’s the accountability. Not only because I’m declaring now that I will start on October 1st (and that’s going to be difficult in itself because we’re camping) but also that I will post daily updates (that no one will read 😄) because once I make myself start something I do it.

Just look at my weekly Letters to My Representatives that I write even though it feels like no one is listening. I’m pretty good at perseverance in the face of futility. 😏

I’ll post my daily word count, total progress, and whether I’m on track. If I have time I’ll try to talk about what slowed me down or how I got a boost each day. Research and plotting can drag you down (though most of that is done for me), but getting up early, inspiration, and free time from kiddos can boost that word count.

If anyone would like to do this with me, just let me know! You can keep yourself accountable in the comments, or write your own blog posts and I’ll link daily in mine!

Good luck to all of you whether you’re joining me, waiting for NaNo, or writing at your own pace!

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