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The next 4 years are going to be a long, dragging, depressing haul. So when you need a pick me up or reminder of why we are fighting, check out my Resistance Happy Place! I’ll be adding to this as I find things to inspire us, cheer us up, and remind us what’s at stake!

Please feel free to comment below and share links and information that makes you happy right now and I’ll add some of them to the page. Also, as this page grows, check the comments for stories and information not shared on the page.


This quote from The American President:

Americna President Quote

Visit It’s Time to Fight for scripts, info and more. It’s a great resource for keeping up your resistance and laser focusing on the most important and time sensitive issues!

Read this lovely post Reading a Wrinkle in Time for the First Time in Trump’s America by Ashley Bowen-Murphy on BookRiot for a refreshing look at how to fight and why we must keep at it.

You can purchase the Abrams book WHY I MARCHED with gorgeous and inspiring pictures of marchers all around the world at Barnes and Noble just use the link below. All proceeds will be donated to nonprofits affiliated with the March!



I’m not going to post them all here because there are so many, but check out the #ShePersisted feed on Twitter. (There’s always gonna be haters, but there are some amazing #ShePersisted tweets to view)

Build a longer table . . .


Fourth straight weekend of protests!

Taking a stand:

Hamdia Ahmed organized her first rally! You can too!

Words from Cory Booker:

This thread about not giving up:

Keep fighting!

#DressLikeAWoman was amazing!

Show your love:

Protests in action:

Cover of Time:

Here’s a tweet thread from @Claribel_Ortega to get you Fired Up! Ready To Go!

You need to see it Gifs and all!

Here’s a tweet from @ElleOnWords for when people call you a “special snowflake”:

A few pics of the Women’s March around the world on January 21, 2017:

This was lovely and inspiring. I didn’t see it at the March (way too many people to have seen everyone!) but still beautiful to witness:


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The Resist banner Greenpeace hung behind the White House!