Latest haul


It’s bag day at the library sale. $7 for all the books you can squeeze in a bag and the bag too! I won ‘t list them all, but the stack on the left is another pile of biographies and history for my daughter, the big stack is a variety for myself, though mostly sci-fi, and that lonely book in front is one for my hubby about Jimmy Buffet. There’s something so satisfying and right about owning stacks of books!

Trials and tribulations of a bookworm . . .


Finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone last night. Stayed up late to do it. I just couldn’t put it down! Book review coming soon. Couldn’t wait for morning so I could hop over to the library and snag the sequel before we headed to Detroit again. 4 hours in the car = lots of reading time! But when I moved some things on the counter, I found another book! Since it’s from the library, I have to read it first. It’s the bookworm code. You never keep a library book longer than you have to! So I guess I’ll be reading Origins first. Maybe I’ll get to that stack of books I own eventually too!

I have a problem . . .


Despite the fact that I am reading THE SHADE OF THE MOON on my kindle (that orange thing on top), and that I want to re-read my childhood copy of THE HOBBIT, and I’ve never read LOTR which my son received for Christmas (not pictured), and he’s been bugging me to read the entire MAZE RUNNER series which he owns, (also not pictured), and I still have UNWHOLLY to read as well as a copy of COLD MOUNTAIN I picked up for a quarter at a garage sale (who can resist?), I still walked out of the library with THREE more books! And I only went in there for MAGIC TREEHOUSE books for Minion #3. I seriously have a problem. It’s like a disease!

Does anyone else have the fortitude to walk out of a library or bookstore empty-handed? I sure don’t.