Real Heroes Read!

Real Heroes Summer reading 2

Those are swords, by the way. No idea why they insisted on holding them there.

Recently attended an author visit at my local library with Minion #3 as part of the library’s summer reading program. The visiting authors were David Anthony and Charles David Clasman of three children’s series Mystery Underground, Heros A2Z, and Knightscares.

David and Charles are full of energy and humor and my son and I enjoyed their visit. They were funny and entertaining and genuinely piqued my interest in reading their series to my son, though I was exhausted by the end of their act. Teachers and children’s entertainers always have that effect on me! And this was an act. They had everything down pat with tie-ins to their stories like the knighting of two audience members.

Real Heroes Summer reading 3

We saw juggling, a horn of heroes, knighting ceremony and David and Charlie even read from one of their books with one “reading” and the other doing sound effects and dialogue. The kids seemed to love it, though they got a bit restless toward the end, but that might have been in part to the awful acoustics. Every little noise (like rubbing balloon swords) was amplified. Also, I think they are geared more toward ages 5 and up and we had several babies and toddlers making distracting noise.

Real Heroes Summer reading 1

David and Charlie promote reading, no matter what you like to read, and encourage kids to not give up if they don’t like a book, but find something else they do like. Through their stories of their books and their childhoods they demonstrate how they became readers, how reading was a positive influence in their life, and how it inspired them to be writers themselves.

Overall it was a fun hour of talking about reading and writing. Minion #3 won a balloon sword and a free book as well as purchasing a second. I’d recommend Charlie and David if you live in Michigan and would like some enthusiastic writers to promote reading in your school. The theme of their program is Real Heroes Read! and their stories are all about kid heroes. Check them out on Amazon or their website.

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