Post #19: Beyonce in Formation


I’d like to share a post that followed the release of Beyonce’s Formation video and her Super Bowl performance. I know many though that was no place for a political statement, regardless that the white performer (lead singer of Coldplay) literally wore his political statement on his arm. The problem wasn’t the political statement, but that it wasn’t a statement for the white masses.

This post puts Bey’s Formation in context. The context of what it means to Black America.

“. . . this critique is just further proof that African-Americans can’t have anything or express ourselves fully without first considering if we’re “race-baiting” white America.” – Priscilla Ward

It’s time for White America to take a step back from their outrage and take a cold hard look at racism in this country. Start by listening to Black Americans. You don’t have to agree, but it is imperative to fix the problems in this country that we attempt to understand where others are coming from. We, White America, have had the front of the stage for so long, it’s time we listened to other voices.

“The backlash to “Formation” is proof that even in 2016, black artists have to make anything, especially something as wildly popular as a new Beyoncé song performed at the most mainstream of all TV events, the Super Bowl, about white America’s feelings and politics — even when the song is about anything but that.” – Priscilla Ward

Maybe, just maybe, this song wasn’t for White America. And you know what, that’s okay.

Priscilla Ward: White Beyonce haters don’t get it: “Formation” isn’t “race-baiting” – but it is unapologetically about race


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