Act of Resistance 6-14-2018

Hey there, Resistors!

Today I called my Senators about Senator Feinstein’s Keep Families Together Act. I chose to call instead of email because this is a very important and time sensitive issue . Every minute we wait these kids are still in detention centers separated from their parents. Every minute we wait more kids are separated from their parents.  I urge you to make calls TODAY!

Here’s a link to a Tweet with a script for calling your Senators to ask them to support Feinstein’s bill: Keep Families Together Script

Here’s a link if you need help finding your Senators and their phone numbers: US Senators

Please, if you do one Act of Resistance this week, make it about this issue. (Though there are still plenty of important issues, so just resist where you can!) And phone calls mean more than emails. I know I send emails all the time, mainly due to phone anxiety and the huge list of issues I want to comment on. But phone calls on this are extremely important!

Thank you! And keep resisting!

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