I have a problem . . .


Despite the fact that I am reading THE SHADE OF THE MOON on my kindle (that orange thing on top), and that I want to re-read my childhood copy of THE HOBBIT, and I’ve never read LOTR which my son received for Christmas (not pictured), and he’s been bugging me to read the entire MAZE RUNNER series which he owns, (also not pictured), and I still have UNWHOLLY to read as well as a copy of COLD MOUNTAIN I picked up for a quarter at a garage sale (who can resist?), I still walked out of the library with THREE more books! And I only went in there for MAGIC TREEHOUSE books for Minion #3. I seriously have a problem. It’s like a disease!

Does anyone else have the fortitude to walk out of a library or bookstore empty-handed? I sure don’t.

15 thoughts on “I have a problem . . .

    • Thanks. My son has been bugging me forever to read it. It’s not that I don’t want to, I’ve just had other stuff to do. And by that I mean read. 🙂 Going to have to get at least book 1 under my belt before the movie!


  1. I don’t know abut the physical bookstore, but I am usually visiting the virtual book stores every day. My books on Kindle outnumber the population of the Peoples Republic of China! There is something very comforting in having a lot of books on hand.


  2. The library is the best! If it weren’t funded by tax dollars I would be afraid they would be closing all over the place by now! In all seriousness, I would like a head count of people who actually go into a library and only touch physical books. Here in Georgia, all our libraries just end up with a bunch of local kids and people using the computers and taking naps. Not that there is anything wrong with that! 😉

    I have to say, Cold Mountain is a very easy and fast read, if you read as much as you look like you do! Coming from that exact area (my parents live 10 minutes away from the real-life Cold Mountain, which is an actual peak, but not an actual town), I highly appreciated that book, and then by crazy random chance, I went to college and lived in the same dorm as Charles Frazier’s niece!! Small world.

    Grab onto and keep hold of as many books as you can, JA!!



    • I’ve actually listened to the audio book and watched the movie of Cold Mountain, but I never feel like I’ve captured a story until my eyes have seen it in black and white! The story was so beautiful and I can never resist books at a garage sale. Plus, our library has a book sale every July. You can get used books for really cheap. Our library is actually pretty amazing. Our town is small, but they acquire new books all the time and they “share” with other small libraries all over Michigan. Unfortunately, there will never be enough people reading in my opinion, but I’ll do my part to promote literacy here on my blog and in my hometown as well!

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      • I am glad that makes two of us!! More power to you (and the Michigan library system!)!!

        I certainly think that the written/typeset word is the most powerful, personal, and passionate. Besides, my favorite parts were cut outta the movie. The little bits that had not much to do with the story, just little life things. And with the book, you can take your time reading it, or go fast AND slow – read it at your pace, not someone else’s.


      • Well that is a good point! I hoped you used Audible.com for all your audiobook needs! 😉 Sorry for the self-plug, but I have had great experiences both downloading their recordings, and making some myself!

        Enjoy your small stack pictured above, and Happy Reading!!!



    • Oh, the days of uninterrupted childhood reading! I’d like to have my little self back and give her a list to read with all that free time she used to have! I know she never read enough. Now I’m lucky if I can finish one or two a week.


      • Absolutely! I still seem to come home with the same amount, but I don’t have the time to get through them as fast. What would be on your list?


      • I’d tell myself to read everything by Roald Dahl, Madeliene L’Engle, Tolkien, C.S.Lewis and any other childhood classics. I read Little House and Frances Hodgson Burnett, but skipped to smutty romances WAY too early in life. I’d like to have those days back and fill my head with all things I wish I had read now !

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