Post #4: Why Diversity in Children’s Literature Really Matters

Diversity Kids Reading

Those of you not involved in the publishing industry probably haven’t heard a lot of talk about diversity in children’s literature, but for those of us working every day to create quality and entertaining literature for children and teens, we discuss this all the time. And many of us are working to improve this situation. So please read a first hand account by a fellow writer, Jacob Hood.

Jacob Hood: Why Diversity in Children’s Literature Really Matters

And since I have a few other articles that go along with this, here’s a post that shows the data of diversity discrepancy in children’s literature:

The diversity Gap in Children’s Publishing, 2015

And because I just can’t stop there on an issue that is so near and dear to my heart, here’s a little girl doing something about this very problem:

Marley Dias Collects 1000 Books About Black Girls

I hope these articles offer some insight and education. Thanks for learning alongside me. I’m often reminded of the adage “Listening to learn, not to respond.” I try to remember that in my daily interactions as well as my passive interactions when reading or viewing on the internet.

For more information about this series of posts, please see my 2016 Lenten Challenge, Post #2 and Post #3.

14 thoughts on “Post #4: Why Diversity in Children’s Literature Really Matters

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